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From the Chairman: Immersed in communication

I remember a few years ago that our current era was nominated the Age of Communication, as an update from the earlier ages like Bronze, Iron, Industrial, etc.

It may have escaped your notice, but we are totally in that age now - we are immersed in communication. Clearly it is being driven by the communication tools we have such as the internet, i-Phones and so on and it is more likely to gather even further pace as tricky new gadgets get invented and commercialised every day.

The impact on our lives is profound. We get intimate details of the Greek, Spanish and Hungarian sovereign debt and the impact on the world economy. In fact, in my opinion the sharp fluctuations in the world stock markets are partly caused by the speed of communication which allows investors to dump stocks more quickly.

In such an environment the development of the new communication tools begs the question: Just how are you using all these devices and techniques for your business? Are you up to speed with the use of such tools as Facebook and Twitter? How effective is your Internet site in building your corporate image and marketing what you have to offer? Above all, how are you using all the means of communication to tell your story?

It is something we dwell upon every day on behalf of our clients and for our own consultancy.

And if you don't feel that you are up to speed on how you are using all these tricky tools to tell your story, you should be talking to us.

By Dennis Rutzou | @DennisRutzouPR