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From the Chairman: Small business PR

Over the many years that I have been in PR many new approaches have been taken to try to develop an approach to public relations that is relevant to small business.
From the Chairman

After all, the statistics tell us that Australia is a country dominated by small business with over one million of them, depending on how you define the term. So the temptation to have a crack at that market has attracted many different offerings.

These have ranged from Do It Yourself books that profess to tell you how to get publicity for your business or just how to write a press release. Other approaches are just cut down versions of the type of PR program that is developed for large companies, but with some important bits left out.

Generally in the PR business, these offerings are regarded as a joke with little likelihood of success.

Yet PR can be a vital ingredient to a new business, particularity one founded on a great idea. In fact, it could make the difference between success and failure.

Although a well-planned and executed PR program can help the business tell that new, exciting and newsworthy story, the irony is that they can't afford it.

In this issue of Drumbeat we outline another approach to PR for small business called PR Mentor. PR Mentor is a program we have developed which aims to empower the small business operator with the tools to implement a well structured PR program for their business.

We believe we have got it right, but it is (and always will be) work in progress as we subscribe to the business ethic of continuous improvement. We never stop trying to improve, which is also an approach to business we will communicate to every participant in PR Mentor.

By Dennis Rutzou | @DennisRutzouPR