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Google causes a stir with Google Instant

You may have heard that Google has dramatically changed the SEO game again, well some may think so. Last week, Google launched Google Instant in the US. The search tool uses predictive technology to show lightening fast search results that change as you type more letters in your search query.

Google Instant

SEO experts are still trying to work out exactly what these changes mean, some believing it will change the entire game of SEO with others suggesting it won't change a thing.

Google has said that the change is all about speed and hinted that this is the start of something much bigger, where they will start using a wealth of personal information to deliver much more personal search results.

While the new capability isn't set to launch in Australia or New Zealand for the next couple of weeks, you can check it out by visiting

Otherwise keep your eyes and ears posted as industry experts discover where the future lies for SEO.

New Public Relations Network member

The Public Relations Network (PRN), a global collective of like-minded independent PR agencies from around the world, has just added a new member to its network: Curve Communications from Canada. This new addition brings the number of countries represented by PRN members to 24, spreading across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

DRPR has been a member of PRN for three years, which has provided us with access to on-the-ground experts for international public relations campaigns as well as excellent industry insights and sharing of best practices.