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DRPR launches its revamped website
Have you noticed the new online face of DRPR yet? If not, check it out.

Websites tend to get outdated very quickly and we keep preaching the need with clients for updated websites with fresh content. As we like to 'walk the talk', we have recently launched our revamped website with new content and fresh imagery. You may even have noticed our brand new web page 'PR tips' where you can find articles on different topics to help you understand the somewhat complex topic that is public relations.

We've also updated our team and individual photos. Come have a peek!


DRPR Team Meeting - Blue mountains

DRPR off-site meeting

DRPR meets in the Blue Mountains
DRPR had its bi-annual offsite meeting on Friday, 11 December to discuss the way forward at DRPR, set some realistic yet challenging goals for 2010 and get the team focussed on the same objectives. Continuous improvement is part of our organisation's culture and our offsite meetings are always the perfect opportunity to focus on the business.

There was nothing better for this meeting than a Blue Mountains retreat to let the discussions flow, our creative cells work and most importantly, to provide a great team bonding session!

We were so lucky to stay in the mountains overnight and experience on the Saturday the best the Blue Mountains has to offer: bushwalking, shopping in Leura and Devonshire Tea!


DRPR lands new accounts
DRPR has been busy fossicking for new business in the last quarter and has landed some great new clients including the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES): The Lighting Society, SPOS and Papyrus Australia.

Throughout September and October, DRPR worked with the NSW Chapter of the IES: The Lighting Society to promote the annual 2009 NSW IES Lighting Design Awards. DRPR worked at raising awareness of the organisation, generating interest in the Awards, announcing the winners and educating the public about the importance of lighting design. DRPR established good relationships with targeted media outlets and stories were published in Design Quarterly, Architecture Australia, Australian Design Review, Inside Retailing, Railway Digest, Club Life, Government News and many more. The team at DRPR looks forward to seeing more fantastic coverage over the next few months and to the possibility of working with the IES in the future.

SPOS is a leading provider of marketing at retail solutions in Australia and New Zealand. DRPR was appointed to help launch SPOS' new companies, build relationships with the media, improve its online presence and raise awareness of the company. With three months of involvement underway, DRPR has had success in organising meetings with targeted journalists and having its stories published in media outlets in both Australia and New Zealand.

ASX-listed Papyrus Australia is the developer of a world-first technology that utilises fibre from the waste trunk of the banana palm to produce paper and timber products. The Papyrus technology takes an otherwise unused waste material to produce high-value paper, cardboard, veneer and fibreboard products that are water-repellent, fire-retardant, are stronger and lighter than most conventional fibre materials and have a distinctive look and feel. All these positive characteristics and many more make for a great PR opportunity for Papyrus!


DRPR gets in the mix
DRPR has been working with the Almond Board of Australia (ABA) since August 2009 and our account manager Kim Larochelle participated in the 2009 Australian Almond Conference on 29-30 October. Kim presented DRPR's achievements for the ABA to the 200 almond growers and other industry players attending the conference. Following this successful presentation, the ABA has invited Kim to present at the 2010 Australian Almond Marketing Forum held in Melbourne on 18 March.

Our chairman Dennis Rutzou attended the Registered Consultancies Group (RCG) 2009 national conference on Friday, 6 November. It was the perfect opportunity to share industry knowledge, discuss the topics of creativity, government contracts, measurement and evaluation and much more.

On 19 November, Nicola Rutzou and Kim Larochelle were invited by the organisation for women in business The Athena Network to present a business development topic to members of the group on public relations. They provided these business owners with practical tips on how to best promote their organisation.

Gemma Crowley's and PR colleague Roger Christie's initiative PRinks, a networking event for young communications professionals, has grown in number with popularity even stretching across the Strait! The Auckland - NZ chapter launched with a bang on 11 November.


DRPR blog postings
We enjoy at DRPR using our writing skills to the benefit of the blogosphere and have posted blogs on a regular basis in the past few months. Here are some our recent blog postings: