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Online Buzz: How online fits into the PR model

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Online Buzz

There's no denying the internet has become a powerful business tool. It has the ability to reach customers, influence opinion, sell products and reinforce corporate branding messages. It also has a speed advantage over many traditional communication channels.

Although running and promoting a website can be a mind-boggling task at the best of times, from deciding what information to put on the website to trying to understand the web developer's language with the plethora of terminology like SEO, SEM, RSS and Web 2.0.

Public relations, the management discipline of communication, applies equally to print, radio, television media as it does to online although many PR practitioners are struggling to integrate online into the PR mix.

At DRPR we see the internet and online communities as a great opportunity to reach more audiences in a targeted and personal way.

PR principals can be applied to enhancing company websites by making the wording more appealing to readers and search engines alike. PR can also play a role in developing communication strategies for social media mediums like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, providing content for e-newsletters, utilising blogs and video content and monitoring forums. Technology and user behaviour changes so rapidly that the possibilities are changing and evolving constantly.

Like all public relations activities the key is integration. The approach must be integrated, must fit the campaign objectives and must communicate the key messages of the organisation.

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