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Enhancing your website - the key to business success

Cliché as it may be - making a good first impression is imperative. Just as a consumer quickly forms an opinion of a shop on entry, visitors to a company website are equally as fast to form an impression on first sighting.

Your website is the online face of your company. The copy, images, design and layout of a website all work in collaboration to communicate to the viewer what your organisation is all about. If your website isn't clear or appealing, the visitor will simply leave - only one click away from that of your competitor's.

In light of this, what is your website currently communicating to your visitors about the services or products you offer, your team, culture, company values and so on? Is it a true reflection of your business?

There are many websites where this simply is not the case with common errors including:

  • A lack of or too much content
  • Unclear or convoluted copy
  • A lack of or poor images / photography that do not reflect the company
  • Confusing site navigation
  • Out dated or aesthetically unappealing layout / design.

At DRPR, we are strong believers in practicing what we preach and hence have recently looked for the exact same shortcomings in our own website. As a result we have undergone the process of completely redesigning our website layout and design, updating the photography and reviewing the copy.

Having not only reviewed our own company website, but also that of several clients, DRPR has developed a thorough understanding of the benefits of an effective website and how this contributes to the overall success of a company. The benefits of an effective website can include:

  • An enhanced professional image
  • Increased online presence
  • Higher audience engagement by providing relevant and engaging content
  • More return visits
  • Increased/improved sales conversions.

With the majority of people today searching online for information about company services and products, a website is one of the most effective communication platforms a company can invest in.

Public relations can ensure that the all aspects of a website including the design, layout, imagery and copy are working in collaboration to clearly communicate correct and consistent messages to the correct audiences.

Perhaps take a second to ask yourself the following questions - What do you want to achieve from your website? What is it currently communicating to visitors to the site? Does it reflect your company's branding, products and services, values and culture?

Your website will forever be a work in progress and the above questions should always remain back of mind. For a business to grow, develop and succeed, it is essential to invest time into continuously improving your company's online presence.

By Gemma (@GemCrowley)