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Getting back to a small business mentality

If you've kept up to date with our blog postings, you would have noticed that about 98 per cent of our postings relate to the topic of online PR. Yet, none of us have ever said that our blog should be about online public relations. This is because it has become such an important part of the development of our profession.

My colleague Jo and I attended the latest Social Media Club event about running effective social media campaigns and as we've heard it many times, the first element in running a social media campaign is to listen to and understand the online space.

In the past year, DRPR has started a company Facebook, Twitter, blog and e-newsletter, as well as all of us having signed up to LinkedIn. We've also attended numerous social media seminars.

It's important, for any company who wants to take it further online, to adapt its business culture so that it lives and breaths social media. This can take a lot of time as each online tool is different and the interactions betweens users have to be adapted accordingly. Online communities are sensitive to this.

One of the Social Media Club speakers, Mark Pollard, was saying that companies need to go back to the 'small business mentality'. It can be illustrated by the small café on the corner of the street who knows the customers, what coffee they like, if they prefer having a bit of a chat or simply pay and move on, etc. Businesses need to have a similar mentality with their online community. They need to understand what their online customers want from them, how they like to be approached, what tools they use and so on.

It won't be done overnight, but in this day and age it is certainly becoming more and more crucial.

Thus, one of the roles PR agencies need to play is first to up-skill their own staff about social media and then, help up-skill their clients so that they can truly be successful online... because this IS where the future lies.


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