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Welcome to the first issue of DRPR's e-newsletter, Drumbeat!

Every three months we will bring you interesting news and articles about the public relations industry and also give you the opportunity to get to know the DRPR team.

Happy reading!

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DRPR Drumbeat

From the Chairman From the Chairman
Welcome to the first edition of the DRPR e-newsletter, a publication that we will forward to you on a regular basis to bring you news and updates about the PR industry, interesting case studies, as well as online PR tips and of course, give you a chance to get to know the DRPR team just a little bit better
Case Study Case Study: Boom time for olives
Kim Larochelle discusses the Australian Olive Association and how public relations has helped to raise awareness and launch their new Australian Extra Virgin brand and industry Code of Practice
Online Buzz Online Buzz: How online fits into the PR model
How the internet and online communications fit into the traditional public relations model
Current Trend Current Trend: What economic downturn?
We are all being bombarded with stories in the media about the economic downturn. Everyone has an opinion about how to survive these 'tough' times. So how will the public relations industry fair?
All the latest happenings for DRPR Melbourne Cup, Dennis' Europe trip and Gemma and Kim finish their studies
Business Break tips Business Break tips
Helpful tips and information from Dennis' 'Business Break' radio program, including tips on attain a better work/life balance and also public speaking tips