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In this issue of DRPR Drumbeat:

- What is your take on continuous improvement?
- Employee engagement = empowerment
- Are you being transparent?
- Think you need PR but don't know where to start?
- PR mentoring for small businesses - May kick off

Did you know that Australia's gross domestic product grew by 4.7 per cent from the March 2008 quarter to the September 2010 quarter while the economies of the United States, Britain, the Euro zone and Japan have all shrunk with the latter three by 3 per cent?

And bear in mind there was a small hiccup called the GFC in this period.

If that doesn't add up to business opportunity time, I don't know what does!

Australia's current period of record prosperity means that business must get out and tell their stories more effectively to capture increased market share in this booming environment - and that means communicating more effectively.

Not surprisingly, public relations is the key element that you will need to get your message out so read on for handy hints and tips!

Dennis Rutzou

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Current Trend What is your take on continuous improvement?
The team at DRPR is always looking at ways to continuously improve everything we do, from client communication to sharing information internally. Read more about one of our recent ideas, a monthly coffee catch up - a more informal way to discuss ideas and/or issues we face internally and with clients.

From the Chairman

Employee engagement = empowerment
Much has been written the last few years about keeping the elusive 'Generation Y' engaged and interested in a job. Nicola discusses the two realities at play.
DRPR News Are you being transparent?
Fake blogs, astroturfing and an increasingly cynical and better educated public could lead to a PR crisis for the PR industry if we're not careful. The rise of online journalism is a trend PR's should be wary of. It is resulting in reduced numbers of journalists, less investigative journalism and an emphasis on exclusives. Transparency in communication strategies is more important than ever if PR professionals want to retain credibility and trust.
Online Buzz Think you need PR but don't know where to start?
Did you know that DRPR facilitates a range of PR workshops related to strategic communication, social media, website and issues management? If you realise the benefit of PR to your business but aren't ready for a fully fledged PR program just yet, then maybe you will be interested in one of our workshops.
PR mentoring for small businesses - May kick off
Last February, DRPR launched a new PR training and mentoring program specifically tailored to small business owners: PR Mentor. The feedback from participants in the PR Mentor program has been so positive that we've decided to run the program again starting on Friday, 27 May. Read on for more information.

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