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DRPR Drumbeat

For 2010, the Year of the Tiger, DRPR has hit the ground running with a swag of new clients and plenty of activity for existing clients as well.

Although amid the flurry of activity, the team has put together a great set of articles full of great business ideas.

Happy reading!
From the Chairman From the Chairman
The age of communication
The impact of new gadgets for communication
Case Study Case Study
Bringing almond advertising to life
Kim talks about how DRPR brought the Almond Board of Australia's new season's almonds advertising campaign to life
Online Buzz Online Buzz
Foursquare - friend or foe?
Petra explains the application creating buzz in the online space, Foursquare, and how businesses can get involved
Current Trend Current Trend
Power to the people
Gill discusses whether social media has become 'socialist media'
People changes at DRPR
New staff, an offsite meeting and new blog postings

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