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Current Trend: What economic downturn?

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We are all being bombarded with stories in the media about the economic downturn. Everyone has an opinion about how to survive these 'tough' times. So how will the public relations industry fair?

While it's early days yet, it seems our industry is optimistic. In a study conducted by the Public Relations Institute of Australia's own Registered Consultants Group, 82% of respondents expect their businesses to grow in the current financial year. I'm proud to say that Dennis Rutzou Public Relations was actually one of those respondents and we are looking forward to a great 2009.

Despite all the gloom and doom we have plenty of new business enquiries at the moment and are being kept very busy responding to them while keeping our existing clients happy. I have to admit that we've had one client put our program on hold because of an anticipated downturn in their business but we have our fingers crossed that this is just a hiccup and we'll be back in full swing in 2009.

So why is the PR industry doing okay when many others seem to be failing badly? In researching this article I came across a number of plausible theories. The first is that when budget cuts are made, the advertising which usually accounts for a much larger portion of the budget is the first to go. Secondly, some companies are laying off staff, but as the work still needs to be done, they outsource things like their PR functions.

From our perspective, we are telling our clients and prospective clients that when others are sticking their heads in the sand, it's a great time to stand out from the crowd! There are still plenty of prospective customers for all products and services, there are just less of them and they are taking longer to make decisions.

So our message during this economic downturn is that PR is a cost effective way to get your message out and now is a great time to do it. You know where to find us.

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