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Internal communication is a productivity tool

Quality communication with your employees leads to great morale and in turn to productivity. In short, happy employees work harder, are more loyal and earn more money for their organisations.

It's not rocket science. If your people like coming to work they will do a better job. One key to keeping them happy is to tell them what's going on.

Like all activities in business, employee communication can be done really well or really poorly. Quality communication is about genuine two way conversations and trust. If you don't trust your employees with confidential information about your organisation then why should they trust you?

It might sound a bit risky to share critical numbers with your employees but taking a small risk can really pay off. If you open the management books and share your profit and loss with your staff and explain it properly, you'll be surprised at how understanding they can be when you can't give them a pay-rise or a big bonus.

By sharing vital information your can create a great team spirit rather than an environment where employees are competing against one another. This leads to greater motivation and loyalty.

Those who have embraced this style of management report a feeling of real liberation and team spirit.

Most PR agencies focus primarily on external communication, while internal communication is left up to the HR department. A bad move in most cases. The human resources people should concentrate on what they do best and not try to communicate with all employees.

All PR programs should have an element of employee communication, even it's just to ensure that all employees receive copies of external communication tools like media releases so they don't read about their company's news in the media. They hear it from their own management.

So next time you're thinking about how you can improve your bottom line, don't think about cost-cutting, marketing or down-sizing your office space - be a big thinker and improve your staff morale by telling them what's going on.

Nicola Rutzou (@nicolar)