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Setting measurable objectives for your PR campaign

The first step when embarking on any effective public relations venture should be the setting of measurable objectives. If the objectives are not measurable, the results and return on investment (ROI) of the PR efforts cannot be truly deciphered or proven. As a result, the venture itself is likely to leave your company, clients, stakeholders and key publics questioning the value of your efforts overall.

This does not need to be the case.

By putting in the research and investing time into the planning stages, measurable objectives can be set and a solid foundation established for PR activities, programs and/or campaigns.

1. Link PR objectives to the business objectives
The first step when it comes to setting measurable objectives for a PR campaign is to gain an understanding of your overall business and performance goals. Ultimately at the end of the day, you want to be able to prove how a PR program has assisted in achieving your overall business objectives, thus advancing the business. If you cannot clearly see any correlation between the PR activity outcomes and what the overall company is trying to achieve, questions are likely to arise concerning the ROI of the PR efforts.

If you have spent this time developing and understanding your business and goals before launching into new communications initiatives, the PR objectives will be on the mark from the beginning and will form the basis of a PR program which is integrated into the company's overall activities.

2. Ensure your PR objectives are measurable
To be measurable PR objectives must include the following:
  • Specified desired outcomes (increase awareness, improve relationships, build preference, adopt an attitude, generate sales leads etc.)
  • Directly specify one or several target audiences
  • Be measurable, conceptually and practically
  • Refer to 'ends' and not to 'means' (do not outline how you plan to go about something but rather what you aim to achieve)
  • Inclusion of a time frame in which the objective is to be achieved

If these two steps are carried out, i.e. thorough research and the setting of measureable objectives, a solid and strategic foundation will be set from which to build your PR campaign upon. More importantly, these objectives allow for effective evaluation measures to be taken throughout and at the completion of a PR program to prove to yourself and the company that the objectives have been met.

By Gemma (@GemCrowley)