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Almond Board Of Australia

The Almond Board of Australia (ABA) is a not-for-profit, membership-based organisation representing the interests of Australian almond growers, processors and marketers.

Campaign aims
The objectives of the ongoing campaign are:

  • To effectively position the industry and educate the market about its growth
  • To promote the health benefits and great taste of Australian almonds.

What we achieved

Objective 1:
To effectively position the industry and educate the market about its growth, DRPR arranged a number of media interviews for the CEO Julie Haslett with journalists from key publications. To ensure Julie was well prepared and confident to deal with media interviews, DRPR organised for Julie to undergo media training.

As a result of DRPR's work, Julie had successful interviews with numerous media outlets where she effectively conveyed the positive aspects of the Australian almond industry. DRPR also formed good relationships with regional and agricultural media and secured coverage about the almond industry in a range of publications including television, print, radio and online.

Objective 2:
To highlight the great taste and nutritional aspects of Australian almonds, DRPR devised a stunt based on the imagery used in the ABA's advertising campaign (below). The almond dress was created by an upcoming artist and made of 3,000 Australian almonds. In April 2010, the ABA team, DRPR and a model parading the dress walked down Martin Place, Sydney, giving away free new season Australian almonds to passersby.

DRPR also organised for the photos of the creation to be uploaded to Flickr and a video of the stunt to be placed on YouTube.

As a result, numerous articles appeared in printed and online trade and consumer publications.