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Anaconda is Australia's largest camping and outdoor retailer which prides itself on inspiring, equipping and enabling people to get outdoors and experience their own adventure.

Anaconda is for all outdoor types from hardcore adrenalin junkies to families on holiday so the public relations campaign had a broad target audience.

Campaign aims

  • To raise the profile of Anaconda with potential customers throughout Australia for both existing and future stores
  • To increase visitation to these stores and in turn, sales
  • Focus on coverage in local media outlets for each store, outdoor, leisure, travel and other specialist magazines and mainstream lifestyle media also.

What we achieved

Dennis Rutzou Public Relations created excitement around store openings and increased media attendance through developing invitations which were sent to editors along with essential camping gear.

As a result of the campaign, Dennis Rutzou Public Relations gained media coverage in local media for most store openings including retail trade media, metropolitan and local newspapers, online and with business media.

Competitions with local media were also organised to highlight the new store. The prize for these competitions were usually something attractive like a bike and received many entries. In one case in a Perth suburban newspaper there was a front page pointer as well as coverage on the inside front page.

DRPR also provided recommendations on in-store activities like grand opening days with give-aways, helium balloons, face-painters and more.

The ultimate measure of the PR campaign for Anaconda was the increasing number of people who have visited the stores. This result cannot only be attributed to the public relations program but it formed a part of the integrated campaign that included advertising and other forms of promotion.