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Australian Olive Association

The Australian Olive Association was founded in 1995 as the industry body to encourage research and dissemination of information and the sustained development of a national olive industry in Australia.

Campaign aims

  • To raise awareness and educate consumers about the health benefits, freshness and quality of Australian extra virgin olive oil
  • To create excitement and trust in the local olive industry.

What we achieved
DRPR created relationships with media outlets in the food, consumer, industry and lifestyle sectors as well as with rural writers. As a result, media coverage was generated throughout the country in print and online publications as well as on radio and television. Much of this coverage resulted in increased awareness of the quality of local olive oils compared to imported products.

DRPR developed a comprehensive fact sheet on the Australian olive industry to adequately and professionally represent the state of the industry.

DRPR also wrote and distributed letters to key stakeholders and government departments to announce the launch of the industry's new brand, Australian Extra Virgin, and receive community and government support. The Australian Olive Association received very positive feedback as a result of this initiative.