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Frontline Diagnostics

Frontline Diagnostics is a provider of services for the detection, management and control of alcohol and other drugs in the Australian workplace. Frontline Diagnostics also offers education and awareness programs and consultations.

Campaign aims

  • Positioning Frontline Diagnostics as an expert in its field
  • Increasing understanding of the company and benefits of its services
  • Building media relationships with business and trade publications in industries such as OH&S, HR, mining, transport, manufacturing, food and others
  • To attract more potential clients for the business.

What we achieved
Dennis Rutzou Public Relations worked with Frontline's CEO Michael White to refine his media interviewing skills for print and broadcast media resulting in successful media interviews and promotion of Frontline Diagnostics and the importance of reducing the prevalence of drug-taking in the workplace. These included Sky Business, The Courier Mail and many mining and safety trade publications.

Frontline Diagnostics developed a national series of Drug-Safe Workplace workshops to educate businesses about the prevalence and impact of drugs at work and how to develop policies to ensure a drug-safe workplace. DRPR promoted this series of workshops through media releases with articles published in a range of trade publications and newspapers and interviews organised with radio stations, thus attracting more potential clients for the business.

DRPR advised the company on speeches and presentations, organised professional photography and developed strategic partnerships.