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Kamberra Wine Company

The Kamberra Wine Company business, located in Canberra, includes a winery, function centre and Connoisseur Catering.

Kamberra Wine Company's function centre provides a contemporary scenic winery setting for all types of functions including weddings, conferences and parties.

Campaign aim
To raise the profile of Kamberra Wine Company as one of the best function centres in Canberra.

What we achieved
DRPR worked at raising the profile of Kamberra Wine Company in a number of ways.

One was to spread the word about events held at Kamberra Wine Company including the 'Win your 2011 wedding' competition, the Quarterly Handmade Canberra Markets and a Bastille Day event. Coverage of the events appeared on a number of blogs, in The Canberra Times and on a number of event websites.

DRPR also developed a number of story angles published in local and trade publications including a conference tips document which appeared in the September 2010 issue of Dynamic Business.

On an ongoing basis, DRPR liaised with wine publications in order to get Kamberra's Meeting Place wines profiled.

DRPR also researched, provided a report and increased Kamberra's online presence on wedding and venue directories and blogs. Kamberra's online presence was also improved through various recommendations made by DRPR on the company's website.

Finally, DRPR worked with Kamberra Wine Company to draft a number of advertorials for The Canberra Times.