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Media Monitors

Media Monitors approached DRPR in 2006 with a challenging brief. The company wanted to reach a management audience within the PR industry and beyond to tell them about the changes in the media business and the monitoring industry.

The media monitoring business in Australia began as a basic clipping service where readers scoured newspapers and magazines, cutting out articles and posting or couriering them to clients.

In recent years, advances in digital technology has allowed the business to reach a great level of sophistication with digital recording and searching, and more importantly analysis of this information.

Campaign aims

  • Raise awareness of the increased sophistication of media monitoring services
  • Raise the profile of Media Monitors' CEO John Croll.

What we achieved
DRPR devised a PR program that exposed Media Monitors to its target audiences with a message about the major changes in the media in Australia, thus presenting a compelling argument for businesses to engage Media Monitors.

DRPR worked with Media Monitors CEO John Croll to develop a speech and presentation to be delivered to business groups about the changes in mainstream media and the rise of the Internet and its role. DRPR researched and liaised with various business groups Media Monitors could address.

DRPR employed a professional presentation skills trainer to work with John Croll and concurrently worked with him to develop a persuasive and interesting presentation.

He presented to PR professionals at the Public Relations Institute of Australia in Sydney and Adelaide, and a more general business audience to the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia.