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Papyrus Australia Limited, which began trading on the ASX in 2005, is the developer of a world-first technology that converts the waste trunk of the banana palm into alternatives to forest wood products to be used in the paper, packaging, furniture, building, construction and other industries.

Campaign aims

  • Enhance the communication with existing and potential investors
  • Raise awareness of Papyrus as an investment opportunity
  • Raise profile of Papyrus within investment, business and environmental sectors.

What we have achieved to date
DRPR has been working on developing relationships with investment, business, environment and trade publications. As a result, Papyrus has obtained media coverage in many media outlets including Sky News Eco Report, Ethical Investor, The Australian, National Marketplace News, Business Spectator and many more.

Another of DRPR's roles has been to research award opportunities and submit applications where Papyrus' technology could be recognised. As a result Papyrus won the Australian Business Award for Innovation, was Highly Commended in two categories of the Manufacturers Monthly Awards, received a top ranking in the Australian Anthill Magazine Smart 100 Index, won the BPN Sustainability Award for 'Innovation of the year' and was a finalist in the Banksia Awards.

DRPR also undertook a review of the Papyrus website as well as developing and producing an e-newsletter to strengthen relationships with the company's investors.