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Skydome is a supplier and manufacturer of skylight and ventilation products including Skydome, Skytube, Skywindow and the Powervent to suit various rooms and applications.

Campaign aim

  • To increase visibility of Skydome products in building, renovation and home media outlets throughout Australia.

What we achieved
From the outset, the Skydome PR program was one calling for a creative approach. Skydome has an established product line with new products released occasionally due to a long R&D cycle. Developing interesting news angles for Skydome meant thinking outside the square and going beyond the most obvious story.

As such, DRPR used a range of tactics and topics to generate media coverage in targeted publications. These included:

  • Highlighting the benefits of natural light
  • Case studies
  • Promoting regional installers in their local media
  • Matching seasonal themes with products, such as summer with the Powervent ventilation product
  • How skylights can be used in particular parts of the home, for example bathrooms and attics
  • How to use skylights in renovations, for example when restoring an older home
  • Leveraging topical issues such as energy efficiency.

As a result, media coverage appeared in a number of national building, renovation and home publications, in home living sections of metropolitan and regional newspapers and also industry websites. These media addressed the target audiences Skydome wanted to reach.

Media coverage was integrated with other marketing and advertising initiatives and resulted in an increase in customer enquiries and sales throughout the second half of 2009.