APRIL 2012
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Have you engaged with bloggers?

Many people are turning to the internet these days to get advice on products and services to try, restaurants to eat at and so on  - statistics actually show that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations (as opposed to 14% who trust advertising).

Bloggers are people too - how do you engage with them?

It is important when putting together a PR program to include blogger relations particularly if you are selling consumer products. However, it is not as simple as adding them to your media list and sending out a media release every now and then. You need to really engage with them and understand what is of interest to them.

If you haven't dealt with bloggers before and want to know the best way to go about it here's a few tips:

  • Read the blog you'd like to see your products or services featured on to make sure it's relevant to the particular blog
  • Personalise your email with their first name at the beginning to show you are not just mass emailing
  • Bloggers and their readers love giveaways so consider offering prizes to relevant ones
  • If a blogger blogs about your service or product make sure you spread the word about it, for example through your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts
  • Make sure you regularly check the blog post and answer any questions asked by readers or respond to any comments. When commenting though, make sure you are honest and transparent about who you are.

Media coverage tips rock

By far our most popular blog post in the past month was written by our very own PR Mentor Kim Larochelle and included 10 tips to get media coverage for your small business. It seems this key plank of PR never goes out of fashion.

Second in line was written by Gill Asbury and focused on whether transparent PR programs are of value. She concludes that transparency is important but if you've got a poor reputation, if you suddenly try to come clean, as in the case with McDonalds then you may not be believed. Read all about Transparent PR programs here.

Nicola Rutzou's blog on Photography tips for B2B communication rounded out the month. Nicola, a keen amateur photographer provides some helpful tips for having great business photographs taken.

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