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LinkedIn webinar - Using LinkedIn as a business tool

Do you have a very basic LinkedIn profile with a small handful of contacts and no idea how to operate the network or leverage business opportunities from it?

If so, this one-hour webinar - held online - will teach you all the basics of LinkedIn as a business tool. Create your professional and company profiles, build and maintain your network, utilise the main functions of LinkedIn to derive value for your business.

Time: Wednesday, 29 February, 12 pm to 1 pm AEST

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SA plea for public relations

The most popular blog post by a long way for the past month was a guest blog from our German associate Sympra penned by Veit Mathauer. Veit's plea for public relations argues that there's a big difference between how people perceive 'PR' versus spelling it out as 'public relations'.

Next in the popularity stakes was Nicola's blog post about the risks of sponsorship. She highlighted many of the issues an organisation needs to consider before signing up to a million dollar sponsorship deal.

PR Mentor Kim wrote our third most popular blog. She suggests readers need to tune into her upcoming webinar where you'll learn how to craft a plan to gain more customers in 2012.

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