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FREE webinar – Create your PR plan for 2012

Do you have a plan on how you will gain more customers in 2012?

Are you confused as to how public relations can be applied to your business effectively?

As part of its PR Mentor offering, DRPR is launching a new, comprehensive online learning program to give you the knowledge to implement a cost-effective PR and social media plan.

In just one hour per webinar, you will learn the main tricks of the PR trade including getting media coverage for your business, using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter effectively and much more!

The first webinar 'PR Kickstart: Create your PR plan for 2012', held on Wednesday, 1 February, is offered FREE of charge.


Show some leadership and start a blog

Blogging is an effective way to drive traffic to a website, enhance online presence, build a brand and position an individual as an industry expert.

Blogging also provides a direct and potentially personal link with audiences, allowing the author to put their point of view forward and also invite feedback and comments.

It is also an excellent way to establish a business person as a thought leader in their chosen field.

We meet senior business people on a regular basis who have so much knowledge about their industry but they rarely share it with anyone other than those they meet face-to-face.

A blog gives them an opportunity to show-off and share their passion for their area of expertise.

A lot of business people tell us they don't have enough time but those that take it on as a new discipline find that it actually takes up very little time.

And it doesn't have to be a thesis, just a regular 500-word post about something worth sharing. It could be a report of an interesting seminar recently attended or an observation made about the industry.

It's not about showing off but establishing an individual as the expert they already are in their own industry or area of expertise.

Seems everyone loves a disaster

By far our most popular blog post in the past month was Dennis' confession of his worst PR disaster. Dennis shared a story from many years ago where he proudly announced a client had gone to the US for a short-term university course and, while he was gone, his house was cleaned out by burglars.

Second was our Christmas crackers jokes compiled by Kim just a few days before we all welcomed Santa Claus into our homes.

Coming a close third was Nicola's new year's resolution blog about setting your goals for 2012. She extolled the virtues of SMART goals which makes them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Tangible.

Coming equal third was social media has changed the business ball game which proves to be a popular subject ongoing.

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