MARCH 2012
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Learn all our secrets about PR...

What would you say if someone offered to teach you all our public relations skills, tools and secrets?

It's exactly what we're offering you at our upcoming two-day PR Mentor Accelerator workshop.

PR Mentor Accelerator will give you the opportunity to proactively plan and implement public relations activities that will impact on your business' growth.

The program is offered through an interactive workshop environment where a small group of like-minded business owners come to share experiences and ideas and learn new skills to promote their business.

This intimate two-day workshop includes training and mentoring from your PR mentor Kim Larochelle, tangible exercises to start developing your public relations program, practical PR tools to take away with you and an exchange of valuable ideas among the group.

Visit our PR Mentor Accelerator page for more details.

SA plea for public relations

The most popular blog post for the past month was an interesting insight from Gill on social media.

Entitled "Social media: Delivering the news or making up the news?" it is an interesting look at the desperation that some online media go to when filling up their pages.

Next up was another one from Gill on Social media experiments. She has a look at a successful and a not so successful recent social media campaign. Hence the use of the word 'experiments'.

The third most admired was from Nicola on B2B public relations. This is proving to be a very popular topic and Nicola explores the need for consistency in B2B PR in this post.

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