MAY 2012
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Become a thought leader

Thought leadership has become a bit of a buzz term in PR of late. Simply put, a thought leader is recognised as an expert in their field. It often forms a key part of a PR program alongside other media coverage activities.

Thought leadership PR focuses on one or more individuals within an organisation and is a means of differentiating your organisation from your competitors.

So how is it achieved? Thought leadership is much more than just making a claim that 'you're the best in your industry'. It takes commitment and dedication. By utilising thought leadership in your public relations efforts, you can not only earn respect from journalists writing about your industry, but also build trust and credibility with clients and potential clients.

A thought leadership program could include:

  • Speaking opportunities - speaking at industry events and conferences
  • Media comment - getting to know journalists who are reporting on your industry and offering yourself for regular comment. Make sure you are available and prepared when they call
  • Bylined articles - drafting and submitting articles to relevant online and offline publications about your area of expertise
  • Blogging - starting your own blog which allows you to regularly speak about your industry knowledge.

Don't be afraid to have an opinion. As a true expert you need to bring something new and refreshing to the table rather than rehash what others are saying. Be clear about your point of view but don't be controversial if it's not necessary.

Above all, be persistent. You will not become a thought leader overnight.

B2B PR top of the pops in May

Our most popular blog post for May was written by Gill Asbury and focused on one of our favourite topics - B2B PR and the overuse of words like innovation. She laments that we've become desensitised and now need to find a more original way to describe great products and services.

Next up was our Business Development Guru Dennis Rutzou’s post about letting people down gently. Dennis who spends many hours on sales calls suggests a few ways to ensure you don't inflict too much ego bruising.

Our third blog post was actually a video tutorial from our PR Mentor Kim Larochelle and focused on media coverage for small business.

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