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Why is B2B different from B2C Public Relations?

All businesses need to develop trust with their potential customers and this is particularly true in B2B, where the average transaction is higher and the sales cycle longer.

In B2B situations PR helps build trusted relationships, educates and wins credibility. They must sell the company first and the product or service second.

B2B PR campaigns are also usually more targeted than consumer ones because you are aiming your messages at a more defined audience. The messages are often more sophisticated and complex. For B2C the potential audience is much larger and requires different techniques, often it's more of a scatter gun approach.

B2B communication is also not only the domain of big business. The same principles can easily be applied to small and medium sized organisations who often have a very interesting story to tell their stakeholders.

But don't be fooled into thinking B2B communication is easy to plan and implement. It's not easy to reach a business buyer - they are short of time and don't appreciate interruptions. PR is a polite way to reach them to help them learn, grow their business and establish relationships of lasting value.

The overall goal of nearly all B2B campaigns is to positively impact a business' bottom line and offer a true return on investment.

Successful PR Mentor graduate

Our most popular blog post in the past month was actually a guest post (not sure what that says about our own blog posts) from PR Mentor graduate Sam Leet. Sam shared her experiences of putting what she learnt to good use describing it as 'mystical to matter of fact'.

Our next most popular blog post was very topical and contributed by our own Gill Asbury. Gill told us about her take on the royal visit and how the royal 'brand' has changed its image over time in Australia.

Coming in a close third was Dennis' blog about the frustrations of working in PR. Dennis laments the fact that so many companies have a great story to tell the world but don't recognise it..

Of course there's much more that needs to be considered when it comes to website design that will appeal to your audience and websites are never a set-and-forget thing. Instead they need to evolve with your business and your customers and what may work now, may not work in a year's time.

Get planning for 2012

As we all slow down for the Christmas period it's a great time to start planning for 2012.

At DRPR we are talking to lots of potential clients about their plans for 2012 - new product launches, new corporate brands, and lots of other exciting things happening. We'd be happy to come and talk to any organisation that has an exciting story to tell the world in 2012.

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