Cutting through the clutter

Getting the attention of your audience is and will always be one of the most important factors of communication and audiences are spread across many media: television, print media, radio and the internet, including websites, social media, search engines and more.

So the challenge, how can you reach them all?

Well firstly, it's not always about reaching everyone with your message. It's about considering who will benefit from your message and developing a strategy that will not only reach them, but also engage them.

Communication is a process that involves listening, speaking and listening again. It's not enough to know your message but you also need to understand your audience. What's important to them and what are their concerns? This is the first step of the listening process.

When it comes to sharing your message, it's is a matter of talking 'to' rather than talking 'at' your audience. Give your message relevance, otherwise it may end up going unnoticed with the mountains of information we are bombarded with every day.

Communication is about conversations, especially when it comes to the internet. Give your audience the opportunity to easily engage with you and offer feedback. There's no excuse not to with the many, many channels available: email, forums, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and the list goes on.

If you integrate your methods, it's like casting a big net over your audience. The technology may have evolved but the fundamentals remain the same.

Time to reflect

The past month has once again been a busy one for the DRPR bloggers.

Gill wrote about the very topical issue of Internet trolls in her post about the little menaces.

Elyse drew some interesting parallels between PR for businesses and PR in the music industry when she reviewed a book by rocker Danny Goldberg.

Issues management is a topic that every business owner should know about so Nicola focused on why everyone needs to know about it.

Our eternal optimist Dennis wrote this month about the need to focus on the future and be positive despite the economic doom and gloom.

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