Not every company needs to be on social media

Social media which includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many, many more can be an incredibly powerful way for companies to communicate with customers. However, it's not the panacea for all businesses.

If your customers or key stakeholders aren't looking for you on Facebook then why do you need to be there. It's not that some of those customers aren't using Facebook because many of them probably are, but if you were to delve deeper you'd find that the customers are using Facebook to invite friends to a party, share photographs with friends and family and to keep in touch with those in their personal sphere, not their professional world. Therefore they are not about to start undertaking business transactions via Facebook.

The exception to this is consumer products. We strongly recommend our clients who sell to consumers particularly for private usage need to have a strong presence on the more popular social media sites because their potential customers will look for them on Facebook, Twitter and others. That's why we've recently worked with our client Nerada Tea to set up a Facebook brand page.

The other exception is the use of YouTube. Just about every company can utilise YouTube to upload videos about their business. In most cases these videos should also be on the company website so customers can find them easily. In that way YouTube just becomes an easy and free way to have videos on a website.

So before you rush out and spend hours creating social media pages do a quick survey of your customers and stakeholders and determine if they would really seek you out on social media.

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