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Dennis Rutzou

I'm now at the stage when I can look back on a career which started in the late 1950s when I joined a Melbourne newspaper called The Argus, initially as an office boy, progressing to copy boy, and to cadet journalist before the paper closed.

Dennis Rutzou Public Relations

I actually became a cadet journalist before my 17th birthday, and how I survived I do not know to this day, as I knew nothing about nothing.

I attended the 50th anniversary of the closure of The Argus in January 2007 and in an article written in a book which marked the occasion (The Argus life & death of a newspaper: Australian Scholarly Publishing) former colleague and lifetime friend Ray Kennedy poses the question: 'Would I still be in journalism if The Argus had not closed?'. For an excerpt from the book, please follow this link.

It's a question I've often thought about. As a teenager working on a metropolitan newspaper, everyday was non stop excitement. It was a fantastic newspaper, with an illustrious history staffed by some of the greats of Australian journalism.

But it was the closure of the newspaper that catapulted me into public relations, a move I have never regretted.

Funnily enough, as a young journalist I had a poor opinion of PR people and we called them the 'gin & tonic' men. You couldn't call them that today as among other things most PR people are female.

Public relations took me to London in the 1960s, back to Melbourne and then to Sydney in the 1970s.

The hundreds of accounts I have worked on have given me a formidable stockpile of general knowledge (watch out if you challenge me to Trivial Pursuit), as well as experience in an enormously wide range of industries and public relations techniques under very varied circumstances.

So what are my goals today?

I'd like to share my knowledge with my colleagues at DRPR and my fellow professionals in public relations, particularly to help address some of the major issues we confront today such as professionalism and accountability.

And if that fails? Why not call in for a gin & tonic.

Speaking Opportunities

Dennis is available to speak on a range of PR related subjects, including but not limited to:
  • General PR
  • The evolution of PR
  • Building a business in PR

To contact Dennis please call 02 9413 4244 or email him,