Public Relations Company

Public Relations Company  
Why DRPR? Because we love what we do!

Our team is passionate about telling your story and helping to achieve your business goals.

We have helped many organisations in a wide range of industries to lift their profile and raise awareness of their products and services in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

Our culture
We value teamwork and professionalism. This involves helping & encouraging each other, being friendly, focusing on client delight, a good work ethic and a happy work environment. But most of all, we need to have fun!

Our people is what makes the difference
It's not only what we do, but who we are as a team that makes us successful.

The DRPR team is multi-generational and brings together a diversity of experience, qualifications and industry knowledge. We encourage our people to continuously improve their skills and knowledge and we foster an environment that values professionalism, team work and client delight.

We are creative experts as well as communications experts, which ensures our campaigns have an impact and results.

We're part of an international PR network

DRPR is a member of the Public Relations Network, an international collective of like-minded independent PR consultancies dedicated to providing high-level consultancy and quality local support for worldwide PR campaigns.

This means that international PR programs can be implemented on-the-ground by local people, with intimate knowledge of the local business conditions, media, government, language, customs and conditions.

PRN has 22 member PR agencies based across Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region.

DRPR's people are also members of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) and our PR firm is a member of the Registered Consultancies Group (RCG).

So what do we mean by public relations?
PR aims to effectively and creatively communicate a business' story, build its brand, create awareness and enhance stakeholder relationships. We are in the business of telling great stories for our clients.

PR can also be defined as the management discipline of communication. It is the conscious action of management to monitor and guide the communication process with the most important groups or publics to achieve set objectives.