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Community Relations: an understated public relations activity

Building local community relationships can be the most important communication activity undertaken by an organisation, yet it is often overlooked. As a public relations consultancy with a strong focus on SMEs and franchise businesses amongst others, it is a priority goal we set for our clients to develop a solid, ongoing and reliable community relations program.

For local businesses and franchises, it is important to get to know your neighbourhood and to get involved with local initiatives. This will in turn help raise awareness of your business and services, as well as being a great opportunity to get to know your More >

Is being green the new black?

Climate change continues to be one of the biggest, most challenging problems our planet faces, and we know that a sustained global effort is needed if we’re going to have any hope of reversing its effects. In that spirit, many companies have announced carbon neutrality in their plans for 2007 including Virgin Blue, Google, Westpac and HSBC. Many of these companies invest in schemes that plant trees to offset carbon emissions, or in energy-efficiency projects that would save the same amount of emissions as the company’s buildings, travel and other activities create. In theory it’s a good idea – if More >

Finding the niche

When it comes to media coverage, it’s the norm for clients to get much more excited about a big story in The Australian in comparison to a mention in the What’s on section of a small suburban newspaper or specialised trade magazine. However, depending on a number of different factors, these seemingly ‘smaller’ media stories can be just as, if not more valuable than a story in a widely circulated national or metropolitan newspaper.

The value of media coverage is dependent on much more than just the circulation and readership of a media outlet. When assessing the value of a media More >