Now is the time for optimism


I have been hearing rumblings, albeit quiet ones, for some time now; a few quiet words here and there about a feeling of disdain about the amount of negativity in the media.


But it is only now that I am starting to see journalists put aside the hot topic of the ‘downturn’ and reconfigure their stories. Like in the March issue of Nett magazine where editor Josh Mehlman says, “whinging won’t get us anywhere”. He goes on to say that the thing that sets small businesses apart is their optimism. Where some people see gripes and grumbles, they see opportunities.


There are businesses out there redefining themselves and shifting their businesses to match the current economic climate. This may include incorporating PR into the marketing mix, taking more of the business online and reconfiguring their services to offer more value to their clientele.


But the point is, despite the feeling of depression coming from the media, for instance stories on the latest companies that folded because of the downturn, the tide is slowly turning and it is being led by small, dynamic businesses that see opportunity and optimism.


Jo Gitsham