I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon about three months ago, not having the slightest idea what meaningful 140-character piece of information I could share with my ‘dearest’ followers. To my surprise, I picked it up fairly quickly and started seeing the potential for me and DRPR.

Then this week I heard on Mumbrella of Tumblr, which to me seems like a boosted Twitter. It allows users to post anything, whatever the format or number of characters.

And then there’s Flutter, the new ‘nano blogging’ website…


There isn’t any Flutter. But this brilliant Flutter joke highlights the fight for fame social media communities are having and people’s mentality of always looking for ‘the next big thing’.

Do we need to have a ‘next big thing’? Is it possible for a particular community or social media tool to keep its fame forever?

How long will it be before Twitter’s online supremacy crashes – brought down by the ‘next big thing’?

I would love to hear of any other social media tools you believe may be increasing in popularity to challenge Twitter’s reign. Any thoughts?

Kim Larochelle