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New Twitter report from Lee Hopkins

Just a quick heads up – thanks to my wonderful Google reader, yesterday I came across Lee Hopkins latest blog post on his latest report ‘Twitter Mastery for Business’.

Up until next Monday, 1 June, you can download this report for free. After this date, the report will cost $49 so I recommend you go visit the blog and download a copy! Thanks Lee – everyone in the DRPR office has found this report extremely insightful, in particular for one of our clients, The Global Poll.

The Global Poll is a high speed online polling community that can be utilised by organisations and individuals to reach a global group More >


Who sets the agenda?

Why should journalism be any different from the way television programmes are aired nowadays? With Twitter and other social media channels people have not only found their voice, they have also learnt how to form an opinion and then put it out there onto the airwaves. This is true of television and now this is increasingly true of print journalism.

With the rise of the global economic downturn, the world of journalism and the public sphere is being liberated. If a newspaper cannot afford to be printed, then it is forced to move online, if the medium shifts from print to More >