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Is it advertising or is it PR?

The Cannes Lions annual advertising festival, which was held recently, promotes itself as ‘the world’s only truly global meeting place for professionals in the communications industry’.

What I want to know is when did advertising and communications come to mean the same thing? Which is what I assume they mean as the event is branded as an advertising festival not a communications festival.

I fully understand that the history of the event started with advertisers, but since then it has broadened and now even includes an award for…. gasp…. public relations. I can’t help but feel sorry for the PR category as seems More >


Spin journalism

There’s always a lot of debate between journalists and PR practitioners who are sometimes referred to as ‘spin doctors’. Well let me tell you, I’ve seen more and more situations lately where the spin doctors were the ones in front of the camera.

I get so infuriated when I watch what is meant to be ‘news’ and I hear the story turned around for the benefit of ‘infotainment’.

For example, there was a story on the television news a couple of weeks ago about a driver caught for drink driving who tried to escape and resisted arrest. He was eventually beaten by More >


Where do we draw the privacy line?


The internet has brought with it a whole new set of issues on privacy.

I’ve been working for over 20 years and of course there was no internet or email way back then. So I started out on my career path keeping my professional and personal life very separate. It was not really a conscious decision but it just seemed logical to me that the people I worked with like clients, managers and other business contacts didn’t need to know what I liked to do when I was away from work.

For people who are starting out in the workforce now this More >

Prof Jim Macnamara

Measuring online PR – can it be done?


For as long as I have been in public relations, the question I have been asked the most is: ‘PR sounds great, but how to you measure it?”

There was fad a few years ago to measure the amount of space occupied by the media coverage and use the advertising rate to come up with an ‘equivalent advertising’ figure.

Clearly this is a significantly flawed method of measurement as it doesn’t take into account if the story was complimentary or critical and let’s face it, the reader bought the newspaper to read the news, not the ads.

We had situation a few years More >