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Is Twitter today’s networking?


Is Twitter today’s networking? Someone commented to me recently that, “Twitter is today’s networking” and that “marketing activities are now moving online”. To some extent I agree.

HOWEVER, even though it can be confronting putting yourself out there in person, networking is still a relevant and powerful tool for establishing business relationships and even one or two business leads.

I’m pretty active on Twitter and I love the sharing of content it offers, particularly industry blogs, so as a broadcast mechanism it works wonders. But what can it do for your business relationships?

I must admit, Twitter has broadened the media/PR/marketing industry for More >

twit block



I’ve been Twitter-dumped and I’m not sure why.

Today I experienced a whole new Twitter experience – I was blocked. Now I like to think I understand the Twitter community to some extent. I don’t constantly promote my wares, I don’t spam or stalk anyone, I try to share what I think is interesting and useful information. Yet still I was blocked and by someone in the PR industry no less.

Now I myself have blocked people in the past – spammers, porn stars and the like – and I may have unfollowed people that I no longer find interesting. But to More >


Monday night with #SMCSYD


Last night I went to the latest Social Media Club Sydney event at the Arthouse Hotel which was all about measuring the success of social media campaigns.

While the venue was certainly able to fit everybody in – and there was quite a buzzing crowd – unfortunately there were a few sound problems.

But regardless the speakers were interesting. I quite liked  Matt Granfield’s presentation as he pulled together the different department’s take of measuring the success of a campaign – I even laughed at his ‘chick from PR’ comment as those around me pointed their fingers at me full of mockery saying, More >


The Perfect Pitch


The relationship between PR consultants and journalists is always a topic to spark an ‘interesting’ conversation within any media industry circle.

However there was only a sense of “PR / journo love” to be found last night at the Bavarian Bier Café.

The PRIA ‘Perfect Pitch’ event was a great success with Erin Kisby (Health & Lifestyle editor, New Idea), Hannah Rand (Senior Editor, Sunday Telegraph’s Sunday Magazine) Ben Ulm (Farmer Wants a Wife Executive Producer) and Peter Blasina (Technology & IT presenter / journalist) sharing their insights on how to get your story across to the media in the best possible way.

Firstly, a big thanks More >


Are you sending cut through media releases?

When sending out a media release every PR consultant deep down knows there is a chance they may well be sending their precious story into a deep dark abyss with a good chance that it will never be opened – let alone read.

Some may say this is just reality. I see this as a challenge – a challenge to make my media releases 100% targeted, interesting, relevant and well written. If carried out successfully, no media release should go undetected by the journalist’s eye.

Take radio Sydney station Nova 96.9′s approach for example which definitely caught the attention of the recipients.

The team in More >


Twitter really is useful


Okay. I admit it. I was a Twitter sceptic up until last week.

I signed up last year after I did a social media strategy workshop but couldn’t really get into it. I just couldn’t understand why on earth anyone would be interested in the boring detail of my day-to-day life. Incidentally I still hold this view.

However I have now found a real use for it. Twitter has taken on a whole new meaning for me while following the Tour de France riders which started last week.


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What is PR?


On the back of our business cards we have a definition which we believe explains what public relations is.

It differs from that found in the text books and those favoured by the different PR professional bodies.

It is “Public relations is the management discipline of communication”, which recognises that the role of PR extends through all aspects of the communication of an organisation.

I came up with that definition many years ago when I was editing ‘Public Relations Australia’, which was then the official publication of the Public Relations Institute of Australia.

The catalyst was a request from my then 5 year old More >