Okay. I admit it. I was a Twitter sceptic up until last week.

I signed up last year after I did a social media strategy workshop but couldn’t really get into it. I just couldn’t understand why on earth anyone would be interested in the boring detail of my day-to-day life. Incidentally I still hold this view.

However I have now found a real use for it. Twitter has taken on a whole new meaning for me while following the Tour de France riders which started last week.

I enjoyed watching the Tour last year on TV but this year having taken up road cycling myself in September last year, I’ve become a bit of an obsessed Tour follower.

As the Tour was heading out of Monaco I happened to read a story in The Sydney Morning Herald (that’s the real paper version not online – I’m still a huge newspaper fan) about how Lance Armstrong, Cadel Evans, Michael Rogers, Mark Renshaw and others were using Twitter to tell their fans about their progress in the great race.

 Now every morning I check out what they have to say and it’s fascinating. You get to hear about all the funny little things that happen behind the scenes, who they are seeing along the way (in the case of Lance Armstrong that has included Adam Sandler and Robin Williams so far); how they dry their shoes (in the case of Cadel Evans its with toilet paper inside them); and even what they had for dinner.

Getting back to the real world I can really see how this could be applied in a PR campaign. For an event, brand, personality, there could be a myriad of followers who are really interested in how an expedition is progressing or the details of organising an event. Endless hours of fascination.

I’d love to hear how others are using Twitter.

 - Nicola Rutzou