After reading Jo Gitsham’s last post, you may have had a change of heart, giving that networking invitation in your inbox a second glance.

Jo hit the nail right on the head with this one. With the rise in social media, face-to-face networking is becoming more important than ever.

I will admit, without social media tools like Twitter, there is good chance I would have never come in contact with the people I have. It has been great chatting online with people in the industry with similar interests.

Twitter truly is a pandora’s box of networking opportunities. However at the same time, I’ve recently realised just how easy it is to fall into networking complacency. I think to myself - I’m following new people, gaining new followers, interacting while I go. Networking? Well Twitter ticks that box.

And in some ways, yes it does. Twitter is today’s networking. However it is not the only one. It is simply just the beginning and the networking cannot end here.

At the end of the day, meeting face-to-face is essential.

PRinks 3 copyIt was this revelation that brought PRinks to life. With a similar interest in meeting up with other professionals in the industry, Roger Christie, Sefiani Communications, and I decided it was not an impossible venture to kick start our own PR networking event.

PRinks is a great opportunity once a month for communication professionals to meet with fellow industry colleagues, share ideas, experiences and enjoy a few drinks. At the end of the day, what comms professional wouldn’t put up their hand for such an evening!

Last night was the first round of PRinks and what a round it was! It was a great to meet new faces and catch up with old and we’re looking forward to seeing PRinks grow as more and more comms types jump on board!

The next PRinks will be held on Wednesday, 9th September at Ryan’s Bar from 6 pm onwards. Feel free to come down and say hi. We’d love to see you there.

 For more information, you can become a fan of PRinks on facebook or contact myself (@GemCrowley) or Roger Christie (@rogerchristie) on Twitter.

There are also several other  great PR / comms networking events around Sydney. If you are an organiser or attend one of these events, please feel free to add the details here. We look forward to coming along and meeting new faces in the industry over a glass or two!