I read an interesting blog on the Dynamic Business website from a guy called Andrew Gorecki who calls himself the retail connoisseur.

Basically he argues that we haven’t had a recession in Australia. Instead we’ve experienced a normal business environment since mid-2008 and the years preceding it were abnormal. I’d like to believe he’s right and everyone can now accept it and move on.

So my request to the rest of Australia’s business community is ‘cheer up’. The gloom and doom that has been led by mountains of negative media coverage about the economic downturn has in turn meant there’s been a ‘real’ slowdown in the business world.


From DRPR’s perspective it’s definitely slowed down the payment cycle of just about all our clients which has negative flow on effects. It has also slowed down the decision making times for potential clients. These two factors combined have meant we’ve had a few real tough months. Although I’m happy to say we’re showing signs of coming out of these tough times but not quickly.

Like many people I can also see that this slowdown has had a number of benefits for our society as a whole, like debt reduction, slowing of rampant consumer spending and so on. But it’s also created a nervousness in the general business community that isn’t really healthy.

It’s been great to see the media coverage taking a decidedly more positive approach over the past few weeks. I ask that you keep it up and please stop talking about all the twaddle about V-shaped, W-shaped or U-shaped recovery. It’s not even interesting. Just declare the whole thing over.

What’s your experience of the economic slowdown been? I’d love to hear from other business people.

- Nicola Rutzou