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Global Financial Crisis see you later. We’ve turned the corner!


Now I’m not going to claim the credit. That would be too brazen. I wrote a blog about a month ago asserting that we hadn’t actually had a financial crisis in Australia at all. Not long after that I was joined by some very high profile commentators and politicians saying pretty much the same thing.

Regardless of what it is that we’ve been through, I am very thankful that we’ve turned the corner and now all the financial talk is about upturn not downturn.

Certainly the PR business for us seems to have turned the corner. We had a few really bad More >

Are you questioning the power of online?


If your answer is yes, then I suggest you watch this short clip.

The latest statistics on the shift towards online and social media are nothing short of mind blowing.

After watching this, if you’re not moving your business into the online sphere – you soon will be!


If this is a topic of interest, have a read of my latest article on online public relations on how getting into the social media game can improve your business. It would be great to hear your feedback and thoughts on this one.



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In its 60th year, public relations in Australia will have its history documented in a research project by Jim Macnamara – a project our very own Chairman, Dennis Rutzou has been invited to take part it. Dennis discusses this project in his article and his uncontainable enthusiasm about contributing to the writing the history of the PR industry in Australia.

Jo discusses the power of media training using DRPR’s work with the Almond Board of Australia as a great example.

Nicola talks about how B2B businesses can benefit More >