Gary Hayes recently posted an interesting article on his Personalize Media blog listing the top 175 non US media and marketing blogs from around the world. Thanks Gary for this fantastic resource.  

I found the below graphs summarising Gary’s findings on which countries are currently taking charge with their online communication of particular interest. As expected, the US is very much dominating the blogging sphere.


However of even greater interest is the results shown in the pie chart below when the US is taken out of the picture. As Gary makes evident, the Aussie bloggers aren’t doing all that bad, coming in third behind England and Canada. It is also worthwhile noting what countries are lagging behind when it comes to online communications. France? Germany? China? Japan?


I encouarge you to check out Gary’s post for the full list of non US marketing and media bloggers. Some of the blogger Twitter handles have also been included. It will take you a while to plough through the masses but well worth it. This is definitely a resource to keep on file!