I often find myself contemplating the massive budget that would be required for a client to bring some of my huge, creative campaign ideas from the pages of my notebook to reality.

In fact, I’ve been pondering how to get around the good old money factor for a client only this week. How do you achieve amazing results and wide spread coverage with limited dollars?

With this very question top of mind, I was extremely impressed when reading a post this morning on The Inspiration Room blog about a recent award winning PR effort in Romania.

This agency had no budget. Zero.  

Arsenoaiei & Matasel’s “Accidents Can Happen to Anyone” accident prevention campaign stepped around their zero media budget hurdle with a well thought out collaboration with the Bucharest Police and Romanian celebrities.

Arsenoaiei & Matasel had the Police convince major television presenters, singers, dancers, VJs, DJs, actors and sportsmen to appear live on television in wheel chairs and talk about the reality of road accidents.

Every year, in Romania, 3,000 people die and more than 10,000 get severe injuries in car accidents. The public is aware of the constantly increasing number of traffic accidents, however the general attitude is: it won’t happen to me.  

With no money to spend, the results are more than impressive.

The Inspiration Room reported that over 40 TV presenters, football, handball and tennis players, K-1 fighters, rally drivers, singers, dancers, DJs and VJs took part in this campaign. Five million Romanians were exposed to the message and car accidents dropped by 20 percent in Bucharest.


This campaign was awarded a Golden Drum for Media in October 2009, along with three gold awards at Ad’Or 2009.

So next time I’m facing a limited budget, I might just now think twice before disregarding the big plans scribbled throughout the pages of my notebook.