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Where has our privacy gone????


I’m quite perplexed about the media coverage relating the supposed ‘fake’ passports of three Australians and many others that have been associated with a recent assassination.

I’m not confused about how passport forgeries have been used or indeed how three innocent people have reportedly had their identities ‘stolen’. What perplexes me is that many media outlets have published all the other details. 

Apparently the three Australians whose identities were stolen are not those pictured in the newspapers and in other media but the other details are correct. So the poor individuals have just had all other details printed like their full names, More >

Public Relations Network buddy system: Gaining insights from PR agencies around the world!

Sitting at your desk in the bubble which is your own agency, do you ever wonder what goes on behind the walls of other PR agencies around Sydney, Australia… the world?

Often agencies are rather closed when it comes to internal practices and client processes and for good reason – it’s a jungle out there and one needs to keep a competitive mind set.

However perhaps opportunities are being missed while existing entirely within your closed in, sealed tight box. Letting the walls down slightly and sharing with others in your industry can have its benefits.

As a member of the Public Relations More >

DRPR's Delicious links w/c 25 January 2010


Onya Magazine: a web zine (and in late 2010 a bi-annual print one too) all about Australian people, businesses, culture, sports, places, beauty, fashion, environment, politics, lifestyle, music, issues, arts and ideas. It aims to be a hub of inspiration and information for its readers.

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