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Issues management – start with the two ‘Ps’


The management of issues that could have an impact on the business has always been a big subject to all in management and particularly to those in public relations.

It was important in the era of print, radio and television, but today it is even bigger with the impact of online media, particularly social media, blogs and twitter with the capacity to communicate and influence people by the millions in an instant.

We have all seen the FaceBook examples of ‘United Airlines smashed my guitar’ and Dell and Dominos online, but if you are in a responsible position in any organisation, what More >

Who says we’re environmentally friendly??


Isn’t the term ‘environmentally-friendly’ such a cliché in the 21st century. When I was at school it would have been unheard of to discuss ‘the environment’ and to talk about the need to ‘save’ it.

Like so many clichés in modern society, so many of us just pay lip service to it. I actually find it somewhat perplexing that on one hand we talk about reuse, recycle and all that and yet we happily dispose of items from clothing right up to televisions, computers and mobile phones on a daily basis. I can only imagine how many of these types of More >