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Where were you when history happened?

In the context of discussing the birth date of parents or older rels, my wife and I often speculate on the changes that happened in their lifetime.

 For example, my wife’s dad (who passed away quite a few years ago) was born in the late 1800s and from time to time we have commented on the enormous changes and events that occurred in his lifetime, such as two world wars, the motor car, radio, television, penicillin, telephone and computer. It is a long list, but was he really aware of these enormous changes and the impact they would have.

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DRPR Drumbeat Newsletter

The latest DRPR Drumbeat Newsletter is here!

From the Chairman is an article called the age of communication, about the impact of new gadgets for communication.

A case study from Kim shows how DRPR brought the Almond Board of Australia’s new season’s almonds advertising campaign to life.

Petra explores the latest online buzz, Foursquare. An application creating buzz in the online space, and explains how businesses can get involved.

Gill discusses whether social media has become ‘socialist media’, in her article on consumers gaining control of the market through social media.

And all the latest happenings for DRPR.

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Two year itch

Is there really a two year itch?

 Something I’ve begun to notice recently is that my younger colleagues (notice I didn’t called them the dreaded Gen Y) seem to be suffering from a two year itch. And, no I’m not talking about their relationships, but their length of employment.

 I know you’re probably thinking this is the biggest generalisation and of course it doesn’t apply to everyone but it’s something I’ve experienced recently when two of DRPR’s staff left at the same time and both had notched up two years service – almost to the day.

 In the 80s and 90s, five years in one job was considered the More >


All talk and no action!

So today I gained a true appreciation for my role as, wait for it…. Blog Champion! Often when I say those words a little trumpet fanfare plays in my head, and I feel like I have a duty to serve and protect the DRPR blog, but not today. Maybe it’s the dreary weather but my focus strayed from our company blog and I realised all too late that I had in fact neglected to organise this week’s post!

Now, I’m sure this is a common scenario when it comes to business blogs. Deadlines, heavy workloads and perhaps even after-work drinks often More >