In the context of discussing the birth date of parents or older rels, my wife and I often speculate on the changes that happened in their lifetime.

 For example, my wife’s dad (who passed away quite a few years ago) was born in the late 1800s and from time to time we have commented on the enormous changes and events that occurred in his lifetime, such as two world wars, the motor car, radio, television, penicillin, telephone and computer. It is a long list, but was he really aware of these enormous changes and the impact they would have.

 The short answer is probably not. He was busy and got on with it on a day to day basis.

 So are we aware of the enormous changes that are occurring in our world today, or are we just getting on with it?

 I was sharply reminded of the dramatic changes that are and will occur by a YouTube video I saw the other day

So keep alert to what is happening around you. Remember, your grandkids may ask you one day, what it was like in the olden days?