Small businesses have forever been faced with the ‘chicken or the egg’ question… And that’s particularly true when it comes down to dedicating resources to business PR & marketing.

They need to invest in their company to grow its market share, but at the same time they need to have a larger market share (and therefore budget!) to be able to invest in their business…

So how – or really when – can small businesses break this vicious circle and start putting in place some small business PR strategies?

Here are my top five tips that indicate when a small business is ripe and ready for PR:

  • Stable business model – Make sure you have done your research and tested your business model to ensure it will survive the peaks and troughs of start-up businesses.
  • Strong team – A strong team committed to the growth of your organisation provides a solid basis for your success.
  • Healthy sales pipeline – Although your current revenue stream may not be great, you should be able to look at your sales pipeline and forecast your revenue for the coming months. If you have had strong interest and commitment from various customers and are confident that money will flow, then you’re on your way to the top!
  • Finding a suitable offer – You may have the best business and sufficient funds to invest in business PR & marketing, but it’s important that you find a PR mentoring program you are comfortable with or packages specifically tailored for your small business PR needs.
  • The ‘gut feeling’ – Who said emotions shouldn’t be mixed with business? When you have a really strong ‘gut feeling’ that success is at arm’s reach, grab the opportunities!
Small Business PR

Small Business PR - Chicken or the egg?

I’m kicking off a new public relations training and mentoring program for small businesses called PR Mentor on Friday, 17 September. It’s limited to six participating companies.

So if you’re the owner of a small business and find yourself somewhere in this top five indicators list, get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to explain a bit more what PR Mentor is all about.

So in conclusion to the chicken or the egg question… don’t be a chicken, get cracking and take that first step to creating a successful PR program for your business.

Kim Larochelle