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Small business September

Helpful resources for developing services for small businesses

There seem to be a day, week, month or year for every celebration… And at the moment in NSW, it happens to be Small Business September, an initiative by NSW Industry & Investment.

September - Small Business Month

Small Business September made me reflect on the professional services industry and the huge opportunities that exist in providing adequate services to small businesses. The maths is quite straightforward: there are about 650,000 small businesses in NSW alone and micro business (one with four people or less) is one of the fastest growing sectors in the state’s economy.

So why have small businesses been traditionally More >

Masking the 'real' you?

Different communication styles without spin

If you’ve ever read any of the blog entries produced by DRPR you’ll probably know that we are not fans of the term ‘spin’.

I’m a strong advocate of being true to yourself and therefore conforming to your natural communication style which flies in the face of PR being seen as ‘spin’.

I was highly amused when Julia Gillard proudly announced that she was going to be the ‘real’ Julia for the remainder of the election campaign. I was fortunate enough to be out of the country at the start of the campaign and in fact arrived home when she made this More >