One decision all PR graduates are faced with towards the end of their uni degree is whether they want to step into the world of in-house or agency PR. For me the decision was clear cut, agency life seemed the one for me, at least, I decided, for the first few years of my career anyway.

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Working in boutique versus larger agency PR

However, something that wasn’t discussed and I didn’t even give a thought to was the difference between boutique and larger agencies. During my final semester of uni I interned with a larger PR agency and was offered a job which I was thrilled to accept.

Now two years into my PR career I have experienced both boutique and larger agency life.

As with anything, there are the pros and cons of both, however I find myself leaning, quite significantly, towards the boutique agency life.

In my boutique PR role I find great satisfaction and sense of achievement in being across projects from beginning to end. I don’t just work on the day to day tasks such as drafting media releases and media monitoring. Instead I am also required to go out and find businesses that I am passionate about and want to work with and use my creative side to come up with the exciting ways to get the (hopefully to be) client’s name out there in the crowded marketplace, or what we here at DRPR refer to as the ‘jungle’.

It is then when I see a prospect become a client and then an extremely happy client when we get that great piece of coverage or turn an idea into a highly successful media stunt, that I feel that sense of satisfaction and achievement.

To many people’s disbelief I also embark on a number of training courses to skill me up for the job I have to do, but also to get me to the next level. I even run training courses for my colleagues, something I never thought I would be doing with only two years experience.

One thing I wasn’t quite prepared for was providing advice to those above me. Though, with DRPR having a culture of continuous improvement and everyone having their different strengths maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised the first time I was asked!

While my experience in the larger PR agency provided me with invaluable experience and groundwork to continue my career, the boutique agency life is the one for me at this stage.

Do you have experience in both a boutique and larger agency? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!